Essential Technology for Remote Construction Monitoring

An effective construction monitoring service creates a system that keeps stakeholders informed while keeping teams safe and connected. It involves people who are experts in their areas, along with the right processes and tools. These tools should close gaps in communication while providing a solution that will be resilient to unforeseen disruptions like those many projects faced during the coronavirus pandemic. 

After putting our construction monitoring technologies to the unplanned test in 2020, we found that our system checked all these boxes. In this article, we’re sharing the tools that helped our construction monitoring services not only survive but become one of our primary verticals in a post-COVID world.

Cloud Technology

When lockdowns were imposed, being cloud-based showed its value as a major advantage. Using our enterprise project management software, Cloud EPC, communication and transparency were maintained. With the Cloud EPC app, progress updates, safety reports, notes, and media are collected from project managers and control teams. Stakeholders then have reports and updates at their fingertips.

Cloud EPC features include:

  • Cost Management
  • Progress Measurement
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Project Reporting
  • EHS Management
  • Quality Audits
  • Information Tools 

Drone Technology

Drone technology gives clients access when it may not be safe or practical for them to travel to job sites. When combined with monthly reports, drone videos provide lenders, investors, developers, and contractors with comprehensive updates. Having a birds-eye-view also has other uses, like planning site space utilization and traffic routes for optimal safety and efficiency. 

3D Laser Scanning

When photos and video don’t provide the level of detail needed, 3D laser scanning fills that gap. 3D laser scanning gathers point cloud data from an object surface to create a rendering. Nexus PMG has used this technology for several years, but we upgraded to Matterport 3D laser scanning in 2020 to deliver high-quality 3D CAD models, as-built documentation, fly-through presentations, and more.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Services:

• 3D scan and replicate your site.

• On-site 3D scanning of your site that is virtually unlimited in size and environment

including daylight, night and dark conditions, indoors, and outdoors.

• Receive complete documentation of existing as-built conditions.

• Obtain permanent records for immediate or future uses.

• Save time, cost and manual effort by utilizing technology.

• Keep your people out of harm’s way – our technology is suitable for even the most hazardous locations.

Dialed-In Technology Infrastructure

The importance of infrastructure for technology must be acknowledged. Each piece of equipment and every software is an investment and should be optimized to its fullest potential. To successfully optimize a network of technology, team members should be aware of the features and capabilities of tools and how they work within the system. This makes the IT manager a crucial player as they orchestrate the vetting, adoption and maintenance of technology. 

Remote Monitoring for Green Infrastructure Project Success

Nexus PMG has successfully used these technologies to provide world-class construction monitoring services in industries such as waste-to-value, biomass, and data storage. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and innovation on our mission to help our clients build a better world. If you’re executing a sustainable infrastructure project, let’s talk

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