How Our Sustainable Infrastructure Development & Advisory Company Pivoted During the Pandemic

With tech-forward founders, Nexus PMG has been heavily tech-focused and cloud-based from day one. Even before the pandemic, we used drones, 3d laser scanning, and cloud and mobile technology to improve safety, quality, and execution on our sustainable infrastructure projects

Being set up for remote work was a huge advantage for the transition to work-from-home, which made our pivot nearly seamless. Being a small company was also an advantage. Without red tape and slow-moving corporate processes, new tools and systems are approved more easily. 

That said, there were some complexities with legacy software (CAD) for our engineering team. But, that’s to be expected with technology that was developed in the 1980s. 

Ultimately, we didn’t lose a beat on any of our projects. 

Roshan Vani

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