Pre-Financial Close

We understand the nuances and complexities involved with satisfying underwriting requirements. We support investors and developers from concept to financial close to ensure timely and disciplined development processes.

Post-Financial Close

Following the exhausting project development lifecycle comes project execution. Our team of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning experts ensure timely delivery of waste-to-value projects.

The outward facing brand, provides world-class advisory services to infrastructure investors by delivering technical, operational, and financial diligence and construction monitoring services.

Due Diligence and Construction Monitoring

We perform technical, operational and financial due diligence. Advise debt and equity investors throughout the project finance and M&A process. Then we protect our client’s interests with intense construction monitoring.

Independent Engineering (IE) Reports

We produce bankable engineering reports that capture the technical, commercial, operational and financial data required to secure underwriting of even the most complex projects.

Owner’s Engineering

We build and implement comprehensive project execution plans that meet the needs of financial institutions, minimize Capex and deliver on time and on budget.


Leverages a wealth of knowledge gained by advising leading infrastructure investors. Nexus PDS was established to support developers in all aspects of project development, necessary to satisfy intense project finance requirements.

Project Development

We ease your capital-intensive burden with our in-depth knowledge of project finance and support all facets of development including site selection, financial modeling, fuel supply, offtakes, permitting, FEED studies and EPC contracts.

Front-End Engineering

A well-structured front-end design process is critical to every project’s success. Our flexible, part and full-time resources allow developers to structure a robust RFP package for optimum EPC bid pricing.

Path-to-Close Analysis

We help streamline project development by performing a detailed analysis of your current development status and producing a comprehensive report identifying the bankability gaps and generating a path-to-close roadmap.

A technology as a service business anchored by a proprietary operating system, leveraging modern technology to significantly influence project execution and maximize communication and information transparency.

Project Management Software

Access real-time reporting, analytics and key performance indicator dashboards anytime anywhere via the Nexus OS web or mobile app.

Drone Monitoring

We utilize modern-day drone technology to capture site conditions, monitor and evaluate construction progress, and perform schedule variance analysis.

3D Laser Scanning

3D scan and replicate your brown-field site to generate CAD model and produce as-built documentation to improve detailed engineering accuracy.

Provides operational-readiness and performance improvement (OPI) services to ensure projects progress from mechanical completion to steady-state operations via a world-class operations platform.

Operational-Readiness Assessments

To know where you are going you must know where you are. Our highly-experienced team of O&M experts perform operational-readiness audits to baseline the health of your program and provide meaningful insight into areas of opportunity.

Project Turn-Around

If your project has steered off course our expert project management pros and seasoned plant operations specialist can help you implement world-class processes and procedures to get you pointed back to true north.

Performance Improvement

There are well-run facilities, and then there are world-class facilities. We specialize in targeted performance improvement initiatives that take you from a top-tier operating entity to a best-in-class performing asset.


Our experience spans five continents. We’ve developed and executed projects in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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