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After recently graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Biosystems Engineering, Samantha Wolfe joined Nexus PMG as a Project Engineer. She plans to utilize her background in bioprocessing by bringing new ideas and solutions to our project development team in Greenville, SC.

 Sam’s interest in sustainable engineering began during her sophomore year of high school. One of her teachers established a side-business in which she created soaps using glycerin, a byproduct of biodiesel production. This personal interest facilitated a new biodiesel class which was available for students. Because it was the first time a class with this subject had been introduced to the school, the teacher provided an open-minded curriculum. She wanted the students to bring new ideas to the class and work on projects that sparked their interest. For example, the students researched how to take waste from the high school and turn it into fuel. Sam’s mentor throughout the completion of her senior project, at the time, was also the director of the biodiesel department at Clemson University. This was only the beginning of her interest in sustainable engineering.

Through her experience, Sam has grown to appreciate the “out of the box” thinking that is required of a bioengineer. She emphasizes the importance on having a willingness to learn and keep up to date with the everchanging technology. She says, “These processes are so new that you are going to have to find new ways to explain the importance of turning waste into product.” She explains the importance of being able to communicate to clients who may not be as open or familiar with this relatively new field. You must know how to present the information in a way that helps the client see that, although not traditional, sustainable engineering is the right path.

In her spare time, Sam enjoys working on cars and understanding how individual pieces of technology come together to make a functioning process. She believes this has assisted her ability to look at things from a mechanical standpoint. She also credits her love of horseback riding for her competitive attitude, which has been an invaluable asset as a female engineer.

Sam finds reward in knowing that although her job is to provide improvements for the client, she is also improving the world by reducing the carbon footprint. By simply helping one client at a time, she is contributing to society. She believes that showing clients how eco-friendly engineering works can change the world. Working with Nexus PMG has introduced her to a team-environment, where everyone is working towards the common goal of sustainability. She looks forward to attaining her Professional Engineering (PE) license and continuing to build a better world with Nexus PMG.

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