Employee Spotlight – Colton Cunningham

Colton Cunningham is an experienced Project Controls Specialist for Nexus PMG. He provides all areas of technical and project controls support by resolving technical issues and concerns in a fast and efficient manner. You might be surprised that Colton started out his academic career in creative writing. Soon after, however, he chose to pursue his passion for technology and IT, although he admits his history in creative writing has helped with technical writing skills in his current position. He has always considered himself to be tech savvy and quick on his feet. This sparked his interest in the IT field and led him to the beginning of a new career path. 

In 2014 Colton married his wonderful wife and together they began growing their family. After the birth of his daughter, Colton describes having that ever so humanizing, eye-opening moment that most have when realizing they are now responsible for another human being. He was more eager than ever to better learn and pursue his career.

Colton accepted an offer to work for a large industrial construction company in Odessa, TX. After living there a little over one year, he came across an opening as sole IT specialist for an office in Houston. While working with this firm, Nexus PMG presented him with an opportunity to work with newly developed software. This software is now known as Cloud EPC. Colton was drawn to the concept and was quickly ready to hit the ground running with Tim Murphree and Roshan Vani on board. After becoming a core administrator for Cloud EPC and spending a few years cultivating a relationship with Nexus PMG, he was stationed in Indiana to continue using his skillset assisting varied and unique projects.

Being able to apply his knowledge for project controls and provide valued support alongside this cutting edge system has been rewarding for Colton. Through Nexus PMG, he has had the opportunity to execute extremely detailed software and become familiar with the foundation it was built upon. Colton greatly appreciates being a part of a team where his talents are validated. He’s expressed that it’s vastly different to work for a company where everyone’s input is of equal importance. He says, “With Nexus, I feel heard. My opinions matter.”

When he is not in front of a computer screen or dabbling in graphic communications, you can find Colton spending time with his family. He enjoys taking his now 5-year-old daughter fishing and camping. He loves sharing the great outdoors with his family and is extremely proud to work for a company that is passionate about the “green initiative.” He is excited to work on more forward-thinking projects that leave a better thumbprint on the environment. He says, “It makes sense to care about your environment. We deal with a lot of garbage in our work. Regardless of your political views, that garbage isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got to do something. It is our responsibility.” Colton looks forward to his future with Nexus PMG and feels inspired to go above and beyond to promote the mission of this company.

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