What is Nexus PMG? Our Services, Explained

In 2013, Nexus PMG was founded on the principles of project management and project control. Our founders have a long-standing EPC background, working on domestic and international high-profile projects. The business originated from the concept of providing risk management services to various types of clients in the market from EPCs to the lending community. Fast-forward to today and we now have four primary business lines. 

Nexus PMG (Program Management Group)

One is Nexus PMG, which is our outward-facing brand. Today that remains our advisory services business. We represent north of fifty infrastructure funds and private equity firms. Advisory work, independent engineering services, and construction monitoring are central in our suite of services. Basically, our job is to protect the downside risk and perform the technical, operational and financial assessment of these projects. 

Nexus PMG Key Services

  • Independent Engineering and owner’s engineering
  • Advisory and due diligence
  • Construction monitoring
  • Technical, operational and financial assessments

In 2018, we decided to rebrand the business and focus entirely on projects that reduce carbon intensity and enhance resource efficiency. This allowed us to align with the clients that were moving heavily into the ESG sectors, which is becoming more prominent today. 

Nexus PDS (Project Development Services): Development-as-a-Service

After several years in business, we realized that the investment community was struggling with putting money to work. They were struggling to underwrite projects in the sectors, and developers were equally frustrated by not being able to get their projects financed. 

There were a myriad of reasons as to why, some of the common themes being:

  • Contract structures that weren’t underwritable from a cash flow perspective.
  • Provisions with structures that didn’t make sense in practice.
  • Lack of advanced engineering to fine-tune EPC pricing and contract structure.

Observing these patterns, we saw a new opportunity for project development services.

Anchoring out of our Greenville, SC office, we built a development-as-a-service arm called Nexus PDS. 

We employ folks who specialize in various aspects of development such as site selection and permitting and environmental impact assessments, and people who specialize in former private equity who do a lot of financial modeling, and make introductions to capital sources that we have tight relationships with. We do all of our own front end engineering design in house and have a really strong multidisciplinary Engineering Task Force. We do a lot of work to then leverage the connections we have into the EPC industry to do RFPs or sole-source contract out EPC contracts for execution.

Nexus PDS Key Services

  •   Project development support
  •   Focus on site selection, permitting, and environmental impact assessments
  •   Financial modeling and introductions to capital sources
  •   Path-to-close analysis    
  •   Front end engineering and design (FEED)
  •   Support an EPC contract bid and evaluation

In addition to these services, we are technology nerds at heart, especially the founders. Which brings us to Nexus OS.

Nexus OS (Operating System): Technology-as-a-Service

We launched our own software called Cloud EPC, which internally we know as Nexus OS. It’s a project and construction management software that inevitably gave birth to Nexus OS as a business line, which is now a technology-as-a-service business. 

We have a lot of in-house and third party software features and technology tools that we use to bolster the offering of the other business lines, and we have some license opportunities. We love the technology aspect because we think it plays a major role in development and construction and finance. It’s been a really valuable tool and for our clients as well. 

Nexus OS Key Services

  •   Project management software
  •   Optional technology licensing
  •   Drone monitoring
  •   3D laser scanning

Nexus OPI (Operations and Performance Improvement)

Out of the Canada-based Nexus OPI entity, we specialize in what we see is a growing gap between the point at which a project hits commercial operation to stable operation. 

There are challenges in the low-carbon sectors, especially when you have feedstocks that inevitably have some sort of non-homogeneous or bio-based processing aspect. Achieving a steady run rate is difficult. That’s why we have a team of specialists including reliability engineers, maintenance specialists, and key performance indicator and reporting tracking specialists. We really embed ourselves with our clients into the culture of these businesses, and do a lot of turnaround work for struggling assets. We also get into pre-commissioning to support the efforts of the EPC and/or the owner team to make sure that a lot of stuff is not falling through the cracks in terms of the startup aspect. 

Nexus OPI Key Services

  •   Operational benchmark and readiness assessments
  •   Operational coaching
  •   Asset/project turnaround
  •   Performance Improvements
  •   Pre-commissioning support

Our job is to get projects up and running to hit their nameplate capacity and build a stable operation that’s founded and routed by a stable, strong operating culture. 

Nexus: Your Bridge to Building a Better World

All of the Nexus services reflect our goal to add value to both sides of the fence, serving as the nexus bridging the investment and development community. We’re proud of what we do, and we look forward to exploring other opportunities in the market as we grow.

Learn about the company culture that helps us continually improve and innovate.

Ben Hubbard

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