‘What Drives You?’ Our COO Roshan Vani Answers

Q: What Drives You?

Roshan: There are three main things that drive me.

The first is growing a platform like Nexus PMG, and being part of something that is, quote-unquote, bigger than us is something that really motivates me to go build a business in such an influential and pivotal moment of humanity, quite frankly. And being a part of rebuilding the infrastructure to something that’s more conducive to a sustainable world, is pretty powerful and empowering. That in itself excites me and drives me 

Big complicated problems are something that inherently is part of my DNA, and I think the founders’ DNA. Moreso, I think everyone that works in this company’s DNA, it’s a big part of how we interview. That’s what we’re looking for—people that want to be involved in big problems. This is probably the biggest problem that we have right now, as a human race. 

So working on these types of problems, these types of initiatives and being able to take the last 15 years of industry experience, and bring that to kind of grow the platform, as I described in the first vertical, is the second piece that drives me is solving big, complicated problems. 

Third, I think, is the challenge of doing something new. It kind of folds back into the complicated problems bit. But externally, we have these big problems we have to solve, but then internally trying to build something new when you specifically think about the gap in the markets that we’re trying to solve around development in organic-based products, or we’re in any of those, those complicated problems—when you think about how do you put together the team to solve that problem? How do you create a sustainable and scalable services business? How do you fold in an engineering team with a developer mindset? How do you find developers and integrate them with engineering teams that inherently aren’t really used to working together are all really fun things to try to figure out and do something different.

And so while engineering and construction has been around since the beginning of time, really, going all the way back to big complicated projects like the Hoover Dam, there’s still an element of being able to do something new in today’s market that I think drives me and excites me.

Roshan Vani

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