The Seven Year Anniversary of Nexus PMG: As Told by Paul Hammond

If you had asked why the 2013 versions of Ben, Roshan, and I formed Nexus PMG, I believe we would all have some rendition of the same answer – to be in control of our destiny. However, at that time, I don’t know if I could have clearly explained what I expected or wanted the destination to be. Looking back, one thing is certain. I was captivated by the journey, and I was excited to start something with my friends. We were sure that we could, simply, do things better.

If you ask us the same question today, you’ll get an answer that has more clarity and purpose, but I believe an answer that is still deeply rooted in doing things better.

What does better look like?

The recent acquisition of some incredible talent has allowed the partners of Nexus PMG to step back and ask ourselves what we want Nexus PMG to be. We can focus our time and attention to driving strategy and ensuring our shared principles are at the core of how Nexus PMG does business.

In 2018, we decided to solely participate in projects that deliver triple bottom line returns. This focus has enabled us to form a mission and a vision for the company which will continue to lead Nexus PMG and all of its stakeholders, including our employees, contractors, clients, and partners, for years to come. Our goal is to be the go-to experts for projects that show social and environmental returns, as well as financial, and to align ourselves with capital providers and developers that share our passion.

To achieve our mission, the Nexus PMG leadership team has developed a set of core values and principles that drive us and our decision-making. Our own triple bottom line. These shared core values, both professionally and personally, are:

  • To build a better world.
  • To be the best people we can be and continually improve, and
  • To enjoy what we do.

These core values span across a number of disciplines including how we choose which clients and projects we take on, how we build teams, how we approach office schedules and work-life balance, how we choose to innovate, and how we reinvest in our company and our people.

Better is Bigger Than Us.

Of course, I would like to take the opportunity to offer my gratitude to each and every one of our employees for their expertise and passion for what they do, to our contractors for their quality and ability to help us solve the most difficult of challenges, and to our clients for trusting Nexus PMG to help them deliver projects that reduce carbon intensity and enhance resource efficiency. It’s these relationships that make us better by helping us make a difference. 

To celebrate Nexus PMG’s seventh anniversary, over the coming weeks I will be taking a deeper dive into our core values and how they are influencing and improving Nexus PMG, and how we are creating something that is, in concert with our podcast, Bigger Than Us.

Paul Hammond

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