The Seven Year Anniversary of Nexus PMG: As Told by Ben Hubbard

It is our 7-year anniversary, and it is time to reflect. The journey has been far from smooth sailing. Each phase of incremental growth has given rise to a unique set of challenges. The latest? Establishing and maintaining an organizational culture built around 3 core values: 

  • Building a better world
  • Building better people
  • Enjoying what you do 

I want to reflect on the latter; enjoying what you do. 

I have been told a thousand times over that it does not matter what kind of job you have; you are going to exhaust the joy out of it. For many this is undeniably true, but unfortunately, this one is on us. As odd as it sounds, enjoying what you do requires far more than working on tasks you enjoy doing. For example, I enjoy writing. But I do not enjoy writing about subjects I have absolutely no interest in. I find it boring and unsustainable. But give me a blank canvas and a topic I am truly passionate about, and I will write for hours without it ever feeling like work. 

For the past 7 years, we have tried to capture this concept in the way we run our business. We continuously ask ourselves a single question. How do we make sure our team members work on initiatives they are passionate about, not just skilled at? Here are just a few examples of some of the things we have done thus far: 

  • We have boldly defined our just-cause of “building a better world”. By doing so, any person who joins our team immediately feels a sense of purpose that is common to all. It is hard to enjoy what you are doing, if you are doing for a reason you believe in. 
  • We launched an innovation hub known as Nexus Labs which allows any team member to submit an innovative idea they would like to champion. The difference between this and many other organizations? We act on it. To date, we have backed several initiatives within the organization, ranging from technology development to a comic book (coming soon).  
  • We took a survey to evaluate what areas of the business each team member would enjoy having more exposure to. We followed that up by launching a Microsoft Stream virtual training platform whereby team members in certain fields (development, finance, engineering etc.) perform one-on-one virtual training sessions which are recorded and share internally with all resources. 
  • We showcase our team through social media campaigns each month anchored by an “employee spotlight”. We want the world the know how awesome our team members are and how proud we are of them. 

By boldly expressing our core values, showcasing our culture in the public spotlight, and making our mission of building a better world undeniably clear, we aim to ensure our people enjoy working for Nexus PMG, day in and day out. It is not an easy mission, but one we believe it is the heart of our business. Over the next 7 years, I hope to report back that we have only strengthened our commitment to building better people and they are truly enjoying what they do. 

Ben Hubbard

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