The Adventures of Mira and Nexi

We pride ourselves in our commitment to communicating the importance of sustainability. Remarkable progress is being made, and we must celebrate it. This is the primary goal of Bigger Than Us. We seek to share the amazing stories of entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of sustainable solutions, generate educational content to increase awareness, and promote day-to-day practices that will help leave our planet in a better place for subsequent generations.

To date, we have successfully launched a podcast, partnered with leading non-profits such as Earth-X, generated original content, and contributed to several educational webinars. However, our efforts have been heavily tailored to our colleagues, clients, and business leaders in the sustainability sector. Yet, the future of our planet lies in the hands of our children and the generations soon to enter adulthood. Thus, we feel it our responsibility to promote the importance of sustainability tastefully and thoughtfully to a younger audience. We want to make it easy for parents to pridefully communicate to their children the impact they are making on the planet.

What better way to engage with our youth and reveal the impact we are making than through an entertaining comic book series? We are pleased to introduce The Adventures of Mira & Nexi. Through the eyes of Nexi, a friendly alien visiting earth to learn more about our human ways, and Mira, a young aspiring engineer with a passion for solving Earth’s sustainability problems, we aim to satirically highlight the challenges we face and the solutions we are enacting. Without further ado, allow us to introduce Mira and Nexi.

Introducing Mira & Nexi 

Equipped with a tenacious aspiration to better our planet and an incredibly bright mind, Mira is a future engineer with an impressive knowledge of sustainability. She has formed a fantastic bond with Nexi, a visiting alien with an incredible sense of humor and a desire to understand Earth’s sustainability challenges. Together, they travel (with parental supervision) the world to discover the creative solutions that human beings are deploying to solve our most significant Earthly challenges. They will occasionally visit Nexi’s home planet, Nexus, to preview the future of technology.

We are genuinely excited about this comic series. We want to empower parents, colleagues, and friends with a fun way to communicate the importance of sustainability to our children and young adults. We envision creating coloring books, bedtime stories, kids menus, and various educational tools that will only further promote the goal of building a better world. 

We plan to publish our first comic on Monday, August 31st, and issue a new fun adventure the first week of every month. Be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to keep up with all of our future adventures. Have an idea for a comic strip? Email us at BTU @ Nexus PMG . com .

Ben Hubbard

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