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In 2018, funding in US-based construction technology startups increased by 324% year on year, to nearly $3.1 billion, compared with $731 million in 2017 [TechCrunch]. Significant investment is pouring into the industry to enable participants to work smarter. Where innovation in the industry had previously taken the form of improvements to materials and equipment, we were now seeing the integration of technology at the site level.

At Nexus PMG, we pride ourselves on constantly improving which enables us to integrate technology and innovation into our day to day processes. We have decided to showcase a few of the ways that innovation and technology are driving client engagement and helping improve safety, quality and execution on our flagship projects.

Drone Technology

The most common way that we use drone technology at Nexus PMG is for monitoring and progress tracking. Our clients in the lending and investment communities rely on us to be their hard hats on site, eyes in the sky and their direct line of communication and interface for the project. For our clients, staying connected to the project is often a balancing act, and drone technology helps us to provide lenders, investors, developers and contractors with a view of a project that they don’t often get to see, even when they can’t physically be on site.

We have also used drones to map equipment laydown areas and make the most of limited site space and have improved safety and productivity by planning site traffic routes to minimize disruption to congested work areas.

Cloud & Mobile Technology

Mobile technology in the field has completely transformed the way we work at Nexus PMG. Whether we are tracking safety incidents on a tablet; measuring progress & performance from a mobile app; or walking down a system using a GoPro attached to a hard hat, mobile technology has made all of our project sites “intelligent job sites”.

As with drone technology, cloud and mobile technology also enables us to connect lenders and investors directly to their assets and minimized the manual interface role of the independent engineer or consultant. By providing our clients with a login to our enterprise project management software, Cloud EPC, stakeholders across all levels of a project can get real-time information on safety management, progress & performance, and cost management without waiting for a report to be issued. This has resulted in significant increases to stakeholder engagement and transparency at every level.

A case study showing how Nexus PMG is utilizing Cloud EPC in the field to improve safety management is available from the following link.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is the most recent addition to our technology services. This process uses light to produce a point cloud to derive high resolution, accurate, 3D models of site conditions for our clients.

At Nexus PMG, 3D scanning has helped us improve design efforts and reduce re-work by detecting clashes; improved quality & speed of issuance of as-builts and improved safety by keeping our people out of harm’s way.

We have recognized time and cost savings throughout the process and, while the initial investment and training in the technology is significant, the process improvements we have seen has made 3D scanning a sound investment.

Our 3D scanning services brochure can be downloaded from the following link.

Nexus PMG is committed to providing world-class project development and lender advisory services which would not be possible without some of the recent technology and innovations that have been made available to the industry. Our ‘technology as a service’ business line is changing and improving every day with the pace of investment in technology and innovation, and we believe this is truly an exciting time for lenders, developers, and contractors to be executing infrastructure projects.

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