Our Founders Describe Their Roles

Nexus PMG was founded by Ben Hubbard, Paul Hammond, and Roshan Vani. We asked our founders to describe their respective roles now that they have titles of CEO, CFO, and COO. Their responses expand beyond the traditional C-level duties, reaching into their personal spheres of influence and other aspects of the company.

CFO Paul Hammond 

“CFO is a side role to my bigger role within the company of being the partner, being a founder…making sure our vision is incorporated throughout the company.”

COO Roshan Vani

“I think it’s true for any parent that they want to leave the world a better place…most parents, myself included, want a version of that for their children. But they also want a better world, a better life than they had for their kids. It’s just a natural part of being a parent.” 

CEO Ben Hubbard 

“It comes back to…relationship building: building trust with a person before you build trust with a business. I spent a lot of time traveling…building relationships, lunches, dinners, whatever it took. Two [clients] became four, four became eight, and today we have north of 80 clients. That’s something I’m most proud of—that I’ve maintained those relationships.”

Nexus PMG provides world-class sustainable infrastructure advisory and development services to help you build a better world. See how we’ve helped improve sustainability and reduce carbon intensity by searching through our catalog of project case studies.

Nexus PMG

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