Nexus PMG Behind the Scenes: Controlling Your Destiny & Leaving a Legacy with CFO Paul Hammond

Go behind the scenes with our CFO Paul Hammond on why Nexus PMG was created, the legacy we set out to build, and, just for kicks, his innovative warm beverage preference. 

Why Create Nexus PMG? 

One of the main reasons I personally wanted to start Nexus PMG was the corporate environment started to get a bit old. I felt like I was growing in my role a little bit quicker than the corporate ladder can support. And I felt that was a better opportunity for me personally, to work with Ben and Roshan, particularly in the early days, to accelerate that process a little bit. That was really the driver in terms of feeling a little bit out of place in the larger corporate world. 

Also, wanting to be in control of my destiny a little bit more than having that heavily guided by the corporate environment. That’s really my motivator for leaving the corporate world and going off on our own.

I think I’m entrepreneurial by nature, more than I am a better fit for a larger corporation. I think the way we operate on projects being temporary in nature, being constantly changing, gives us that step up in terms of taking a leap and taking on risk and being in control of what we do a little bit more than something a little bit more structured and longer term.

I think that belief in myself, my own abilities really guided me towards being entrepreneurial and going out on my own rather than having my destiny controlled by cooperation. 

What do you want the legacy of Nexus PMG to be?

That we built a better world. I would like it to be a part of a longer term, say 50 years strategic shift in terms of how the nation and the world sees sustainable infrastructure. I would really love for that to be our legacy in terms of while these guys were early, they were pioneers in the space, they evolved the infrastructure world to fully move away from fossil fuels. And we’re part of an overall decarbonisation effort for the nation and world.

Just for Kicks: Coffee or Tea?

I feel like I’ve really started a trend in the office. Look in the cupboards, there’s more tea than there is coffee. So I’m a pioneer. I’m changing the company. I’m changing America. I’m bringing tea to the masses. Just go back to the other question about where do we want to be in 50 years? That’s my second answer. I’d like to say that I brought tea to America.

Paul Hammond

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