Nexus PMG Announces Strategic Reorganization

Addison, Texas, Apr. 1, 2021 — To capitalize on today’s rapidly changing circular infrastructure landscape and more closely align with the company’s mission to build a better world, Nexus PMG today announced a strategic reorganization of its business lines into three segments.

  • Nexus PMG: Investor and owner advisory and due diligence services
  • Nexus PDS: Project development services 
  • Nexus OPI: The operations and process improvement group

“We are strategically positioning our businesses and operations for execution at scale, creating a more effective framework to serve our clients and increase growth,” said Chief Operations Officer Roshan Vani. “With our immense in-house talent and strategic industry partnerships serving as our core engines, we are promoting key resources within the company to better deliver personalized services to our existing and future customers across the full project lifecycle. The reorganization also offers a more streamlined approach to support the Nexus Dev diligence process.”

Director of Advisory Services Bryant Fortner, Nexus PMG, will grow his role of business line leader responsible for all Nexus PMG advisory and due diligence efforts. “Bryant has been with the company for three years and has an impressive record of supporting our clients’ evolving advisory needs. He’s the perfect leader to continue fostering our client relationships and running these engagements,” said Roshan Vani. Bryant will continue to report directly to Roshan Vani. 

Director of Operations and Performance Improvement Adrian Galvez, Nexus OPI, has served as chief operations officer and vice president of engineering and technology in previous roles. He has been with the company since March 2021. In his new role as director of OPI, he will be responsible for the management of all OPI projects along with supporting growth and staffing for the business line. “We’re excited about what Adrian brings to Nexus. With his background in operations, technology, R&D, and leading successful teams in his past roles, he’s a welcome addition to our growing team,” said Nexus OPI President Steve Roberts. Adrian will report to Steve Roberts.

Manager of Projects Jake Peer, Nexus PDS, has served as a senior project engineer with the company since September 2018. In his new role, he will focus on all projects that Nexus PDS resources are supporting, including owner support roles and technical aspects of the advisory services business. In his expanded role, Jake will have QA/QC control over projects and interface between the project managers and the design teams to ensure all projects are getting the appropriate support. “Jake is a well-rounded engineer and natural project leader. He has been instrumental in guiding the execution of several project development efforts during his time at Nexus. We’re excited for Jake to take on his new leadership role providing oversight to projects in design development,” said Nexus PDS President Chris Hart. Jake will report to Chris Hart.

Manager of Process Engineering Shep McArthur, Nexus PDS, has served as a senior project engineer with the company since October 2018 and has overseen several technical diligences. He has also been active in several flagship development projects and bench-scale pilot facilities for our clients. In his new role, he will be responsible for overseeing all process engineers, finding and working with appropriate industry SMEs, setting process design standards, and process knowledge management. “Shep brings more than 15 years of experience in design and implementation of various process technologies across the pulp and paper, food and beverage, specialty chemical, and energy industries. We’re excited for Shep to transform into this new leadership role and continue to grow and manage our process design capabilities,” said Chris Hart. Shep will report to Chris Hart.

Manager of Engineering Michael Wahba, Nexus PDS, has served as a senior project engineer with the company since September 2018 and has played a prominent role in several due diligence and FEED studies. In his role as manager of engineering, he will be responsible for the management of all disciplines (electrical, piping, controls, civil, structural) along with our engineering technology infrastructure including CAD standards and systems. “Michael is a senior professional engineer who has been instrumental in building Nexus PMG’s design standards over the last two years. We’re extremely pleased to see Michael transition into this leadership role, providing oversight of our engineering design services,” said Chris Hart. Michael will report to Chris Hart.

Nexus PMG’s business lines and execution philosophy stems from a One Team Approach under a matrix structure. This leads to all team members having a role to play within each business line. This reorganization is structured to support the business operational focus on streamlining oversight and continued client focus. The execution principles of shared knowledge across business lines will continue to be fostered across the company. Our primary business lines are Nexus PMG, Nexus PDS, and Nexus OPI. 

Nexus PMG

Nexus PMG is the point where project finance, development and operations connect. Our focus is providing world-class advisory services to infrastructure investors by delivering technical, operational, and financial diligence on projects that reduce carbon intensity and enhance resource efficiency. Our integrated business lines provide end-to-end services within each targeted sector including development, preliminary engineering, contract structuring, EPC, commissioning and startup, operational readiness, and process improvement.

Nexus PDS

Nexus PDS supports developers in all aspects of project development necessary to satisfy intense project finance and underwriting requirements including technical, financial and contractual. Our in-depth knowledge of project finance and market knowledge acquired through our advisory group is the fundamental basis for all facets of development support with a focus on site selection, financial modeling, fuel supply, offtakes, permitting, FEED studies and EPC contracts.

Nexus OPI

Nexus OPI provides operational-readiness and performance improvement, (OPI), services to ensure projects progress from mechanical completion to steady-state operations via a world-class operations platform. Our operations and reliability teams focus on the implementation of our own Operational Excellence Framework to ensure long-term asset productivity and reliability. 

Nexus PMG is excited to continue to maintain our track record of success and deliver extraordinary project results. Please join us in congratulating Bryant, Adrian, Jake, Shep, and Michael on their new roles!

Ben Hubbard

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