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Milin Renjiit joins the Principal Investment Group at Nexus PMG as an intern. Milind is a student at UNC Chapel Hill graduating in 2024 with a major in economics and a minor in entrepreneurship. He aspires to work in investment banking and private equity upon graduation. Prior to interning with Nexus PMG, Milind interned for a retail wholesale shop in Dallas, a private equity search fund by the name of MSP, and most recently a boutique investment bank in Raleigh, NC called Dunning Capital.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I was born in India and moved to America when I was a few months old. I lived in California and Florida during that time. I eventually moved back to India for a few years and ended up starting school there. In 2006 or 2007, my family ended up moving back to the US. Specifically, Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is why I am a Packers fan. From there I moved to Tennessee, New Jersey, and finally to Texas. This is where I spent most of my life from 6th grade all the way until 2nd year of college. I initially started out at the University of Houston, but later decided to transfer to UNC Chapel Hill due to a change in interests. Now I am living in North Carolina to complete the rest of my bachelor’s degree.

What sparked your interest in Nexus PMG?

When Roshan told me about the work that he was doing I was very intrigued by the energy sector. It was something that I knew was very important, but that I did not know much about. He then mentioned how Nexus has a principal investment group that follows a private equity investment strategy and this piqued my interest. It just seemed like the perfect opportunity to come in and learn about an industry that I was curious about and see it from the lens of private equity investing. 

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I like learning about the energy industry and the various processes that make it run. This is something that I was not very knowledgeable about prior to starting at Nexus, but after speaking to some of the people here, my interest has continued to grow. Learning from their specific experiences and knowledge has been a lot of fun.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is steak, but more recently I have grown an appetite for crawfish.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I really wish I could learn to drive a car on a track effectively. After getting into F1, it has completely changed the appreciation I have for racecar drivers. All the technical knowledge and willingness to put their lives on the line every time they set foot in those cars is insane. Not to mention the speeds and forces their bodies and trained to endure.

What was your favorite class of your educational career?

I recently took an entrepreneurship course in school that really stuck with me. Learning all the fundamental knowledge was really interesting. However, going through the process of teaming up with random people, brainstorming an idea, constructing a prototype, projecting the financials, and pitching it was an invaluable experience. It has been one of my favorite classes I have done so far.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work I am a huge sports fan. Specifically, football, basketball, F1, and golf. I am also into the world of cars and motorcycles. Lastly, I have recently been getting deep into watch collecting.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To never give up on a goal and keep pushing, because with the right timing, effort, and dedication almost anything is possible.

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