Building a Better World Starts in Your Own Backyard

In early January, similarly to many people, I began to reflect on the difficult year of 2020 and look forward to what was in store for this new year. I have always been by nature a “glass half full” kind of guy, therefore this was not as daunting of a task as some may think. This period of reflection allowed me to outline what is not only important in my personal life but my professional career as well. 

I’ve always had a strong urge to volunteer and give back to my community. My family and I recently moved to Greenville, South Carolina in April of 2020 to join the Nexus PMG team. That was the beginning of COVID-19 taking the US by storm. Many community service opportunities were canceled or postponed.  

Over the course of the next several months, naturally and honestly, this fell to the bottom of my priorities as we adapted to a new normal. It was not until early 2021 when I was having a conversation with our COO Roshan Vani that the passion was re-ignited.  

Fortunately for me, I quickly realized that several of my 2021 personal goals and priorities seemed to overlap with the mission and core values of Nexus PMG. That chat with Roshan has turned into a company initiative to commit to more community service in 2021.

The Nexus PMG Build a Better Community Initiative

At Nexus PMG, one of our core values is to Build a Better World. But what does this mean?  

From a company level this means “Nexus PMG seeks to partner with developers and investors who are planning, building, and operating sustainable infrastructure and whose mission and goals strongly align with ours, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions; compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework guidelines; and focusing on sustainable and zero-waste economies.” 

Working for Nexus PMG allows us to work on projects every day to help solve real waste issues all around the world. This has in turn led me to think, what can we do in our own backyard?

From an individual within the organization, I believe in this core value and the mission of Nexus PMG. I also believe we can be better at living out this mission in our own communities. This is where my personal goals are integrated with those of the company.   

Whether it is working on a dairy manure anaerobic digestion to RNG project or finding time on a Saturday morning to pick up trash along a nature walk, the concept is the same and we all have a role to play. 

Alongside co-workers Taylor Rivers and Zachary Phillips, we have formed an internal committee to plan team community service events. This will be an opportunity to get our team members and their families engaged in the community to help Build A Better Community.

Please join Taylor, Zachary, myself, and the Nexus PMG team on this journey to Building a Better World at the community level. Below are organizations, both local to Greenville and national, where you can volunteer.

Community Service Resources

Stay tuned to our social media feeds where we’ll be sharing updates from our community service events. We’d also love to know how you or your team are giving back, so leave a comment or send us a message

Here’s to making 2021 the year of giving back. #BuildABetterCommunity

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