#201 Mark Toman, Founder and President of EggTech

Mark Toman is the Founder & President of EggTech, as well as a forward-thinking and mission-driven entrepreneur.

Prior to founding EggTech, Mark held several strategic business development roles, focused in the areas of corporate strategy, innovation and partnership cultivation.

After being involved in the mining industry, Mark identified the possibility of utilizing a vast wastestream from liquid-egg processing operations, which would otherwise predominantly go to landfill, in the interest of offsetting the need to mine for raw material, and in hopes of being in a position to manufacture a pure form of calcium (as well as other nutritionally advantageous ingredients) for supply into the premium nutritional/ingestible markets.

Mark and his team were successful in developing an industrially-scalable and cost-effective process that has been formally patented in the US, Canada, Mexico, the EU, China, and India.

Mark was invited to sit on the Innovation Advisory Council of the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) in order to contribute to the shaping and improvement of the Canadian innovation ecosystem in the FoodTech and AgTech sectors.

Mark is a strategically-minded impact entrepreneur who is largely propelled by the desire to innovate, drive change, differentiate, and alter the landscape of an existing marketplace, while having a positive impact on the environment and create value where there previously was none, or very little thereof.

Mark holds a B.A from Dalhousie University, is a proud husband and father of 2 children. He resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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