A New Journey, A New Website

During the evolution of every company comes a point when you stop focusing so intently on what you do and start focusing on why you do it. For the past 6 years, we have been on a roller coaster journey trying to find our niche in the market while also building a culture and purpose we can be proud of. In late 2018, we underwent a rebranding initiative resulting in the company defining three primary business lines, strengthening our brand voice and narrowing our industry focus. Most importantly, we defined our purpose.

We want to build a better world.

With deep experience and a growing reputation as subject matter experts in sustainable infrastructure projects, we have made a strategic decision to narrow industry focus to projects that reduce carbon intensity and enhance resource efficiency. For us, this means moving out of the oil & gas, mining, and metals markets.

Our goal is to be viewed as the world’s leading advisor, project development services firm, and EPC for projects that fit into the triple bottom line, ESG and conscious capital area of focus. To do so, we want to make sure our vision is clear, our experience is known, and most importantly, we create a platform to have progressive conversations that help to better the planet.

We invite you to explore our new website which includes a catalog of project case studies, original content, insights into the future of sustainable infrastructure investment, and the release of our new podcast, “Bigger Than Us”. More to come on that.

Let’s build a better world together.

Ben Hubbard


Ben Hubbard

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