Green Hydrogen Engineering Contract Awarded to Nexus PMG

As a leading global low-carbon infrastructure, advisory, development and investment firm, Nexus PMG is excited to share that we have been awarded a contract to provide preliminary engineering services to a green hydrogen plant in the Southwestern United States. 

Green hydrogen has the potential to become a significant contributor to the decarbonized energy future of the planet. To be considered “green,” hydrogen must be created through a process called electrolysis where electricity is generated from water molecules (H2O) that are split into separate hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O). For the produced electricity to be considered carbon-free, or “green,” the hydrogen’s electrolysis process needs to be powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar. 

“There is a growing market need for low-carbon resources, but global infrastructure and scalable solutions are still lagging,” said Ben Hubbard, CEO of Nexus PMG. “Global adoption of green hydrogen will require massive investments in new and transitioned infrastructure projects. Nexus PMG’s new project is a tangible and critical step forward towards scaling green hydrogen production.”

Nexus PMG’s engineering excellence, technical know-how, and operational expertise build its advantage at every project stage. From pre-investment due diligence through to stable plant operations, our built-to-spec solutions are adaptable, agile, and efficient. As a result of significant growth across the green fuels sector, Nexus PMG is expanding its engineering offerings in hydrogen. Working with its partners, Nexus PMG is helping clean fuels players charge ahead on their low-carbon projects.

Nexus PMG

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