Employee Spotlight – LaRon Young

LaRon Young begins his journey with Nexus PMG as the Senior Accountant with the Greenville group. LaRon has 13 years of experience and earned his accounting degree from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. LaRon started his career as an accounting assistant at Circor International. He then moved to Greenville, SC where he accepted a job as the Accountant II at SC Telco Federal Credit Union. After 4 years of working with the credit union, LaRon decided he was ready for a new challenging role as the Accounting Manager for Teijin Carbon Fibers in Greenwood, SC. After eight months of dedicated management, LaRon obtained another career opportunity for RENK Corporation as the Senior Cost Accountant before joining the Nexus PMG team.

What’s the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?  

The best career lessons I’ve learned so far are to be open-minded, never be afraid of failure, always ask questions, and take notes.

What did you want to be growing up?  

I initially wanted to be a professional basketball player for the NBA. I played basketball from middle school to my 11th-grade year in high school. 

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy working with like-minded colleagues who have a passion for their careers. I also enjoy learning about new systems and processes that will streamline efficiency for our customers and the growth of our business.

What is your favorite meal? 

My favorite meal is salmon, quinoa, sweet potato, and asparagus with a side of lemon.  

What is your motto or personal mantra? 

“Stay ready to keep from getting ready.”

What was your favorite class of your educational career? 

My favorite class of my educational career was Fundamentals of Accounting 101.  

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

When spare time presents itself, my hobbies are trading forex stocks and playing basketball and bowling with friends and family.

If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? 

I would switch places with Elon Musk so that I could distribute 13 million dollars to each person/family in America to make our country a better place and lift the financial poverty from less fortunate families for once in their lives.

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