Employee Spotlight – Joseph Greco

Joseph Greco joins Nexus PMG as an Associate Business Risk Analyst with our Greenville team following his recent graduation from Clemson University with a BS in Operations Management. He provides a new perspective on manufacturing, planning and control, and project management, and he plans to use his background to support project development and organizational operations. 

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I was born in Savannah, GA, and lived near Statesboro until I was about five years old. My dad worked in manufacturing, which suffered greatly during the recession in the late 2000s. The resulting plant closures caused my family to move around quite a bit, including several places throughout Georgia, as well as in Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas. I moved to South Carolina from southeast Georgia in 2020 to attend Clemson University after completing my associate degree at the College of Coastal Georgia, a small state school. I currently live in Greenville, SC, and I am excited to be a part of the Nexus team.  

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

One of my favorite pieces of literature is a short story I read in high school written by H.H. Munro called “The Interlopers”. It follows two feuding neighbors who become trapped under a fallen tree together during a blizzard. I have always been interested in the idea of man vs. nature, so I would like to write something that explores that theme, maybe in the vein of Jack London. 

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I am not an engineer, nor do I have a scientific background, but I always loved science when I was growing up. Working at Nexus, it is exciting to be able to learn about the development of new technologies and have the opportunity to support the engineering team where I can. 

What does leadership mean to you?

A great leader is someone who can put aside self-interests and enthusiastically focus on inspiring and motivating people toward identifying problems and achieving lasting positive change.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I have always loved the excitement and the views that come with flying, and I hope to become a licensed pilot someday. 

Do you have a favorite tradition? If so, what is it?

My paternal grandparents were Italian immigrants, and every Christmas Eve, my dad and I make a big batch of meatballs using my grandmother’s recipe. It takes a couple of hours because we work from scratch, but it’s always worth it. Even though we use a recipe, they’re different every year because home cooking is all about using your heart, especially around the holidays.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love hiking and deep-sea fishing, and I go to the beach when I can. I also enjoy working on cars and going to the shooting range. 

If you could implement one sustainable swap in the world right now, what would it be?

I would choose to implement a carbon-negative drop-in replacement for automotive fuel that could be produced easily and would not decrease performance or fuel efficiency. 

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