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Bryant Fortner is a project manager in the Dallas, TX office. When Bryant headed off to college as an undergraduate at Texas A&M, he went with the idea of obtaining a degree in business. He quickly learned that the school offered a degree in construction management. The idea of building and creating for a living excited him, so this immediately sparked his interest. After completing his undergraduate degree and taking a few summer internships he was offered his first full time job with Fluor Corporation. Although he had never seriously considered the idea of moving across the country before, this gave him the opportunity to live in many different places such as Florida, Georgia, Indiana and Texas. During this time, he and his wife experienced several different cultural environments and started a family. He mentioned how wonderful it was for his children to experience these different environments at such a young age. In terms of his career, he completed his Masters of Engineering in Industrial Engineering through Clemson University while working on large, mega projects such as generation, oil and gas, and nuclear. He enjoyed his time traveling, but he knew his end goal was to move back closer to home in Texas.

Bryant had the opportunity to work with Ben Hubbard in the past and had always followed the development of Nexus PMG and Cloud EPC. In 2018, he learned that the company was growing and needed to add a few more hands. He knew this was the perfect opportunity to move back closer to home. Bryant describes his role at Nexus PMG as fast paced and energetic. He says that organization is key to focusing on quality of work. In order to maintain quality deliverables, you must be transparent and willing to communicate with everyone on the team. He admits that wearing so many different hats comes with a lot of responsibility. The only way to be successful is by organizing your time and communicating effectively. Bryant talks about a project where the team’s job was essentially to perform an operational turn around. Although the team consisted of people from all over the country, they communicated efficiently and focused on their specific roles in order to accomplish a common goal. It’s apparent that each team member must be able to compartmentalize their individual challenges and lean on each other when needed for the greater good of the project. He says that completing his deliverables and watching as they take shape in the larger picture is extremely rewarding. Bryant explains that in many other companies, employees are focused on specific industrial sectors and project experiences are limited by the exposure to that sector. For example, they may only work in oil and gas, power generation, or government sectors across an entire career. He says, “Nexus really broadens the lens of projects that you are exposed to.” Bryant is especially thrilled to be part of a team that is leading the future of this industry in the right direction by taking a stance in renewables and sustainable projects.

In Bryant’s spare time, he enjoys being outdoors and fishing with his family. He also appreciates the family-oriented nature that Nexus PMG embodies. He’s aware how rare it is that as a younger company, employees are not expected to sacrifice time with family or meaningful areas of life as a way to enhance work performance. Nexus understands that having a healthy work/life balance will facilitate better performance and dedication to the job rather than take away from it. In his words, “Strengthening your family relationships directly corresponds with strengthening your work relationships, because you are appreciative of your company rather than resentful.” This is a wonderful way to explain why our company is so focused on a healthy work/life balance.

In the future, Bryant expects to see a push for the focus on sustainability in our everyday lives. He believes that people are starting to see the value of sustainability across the market which will allow our company to grow significantly. He points out that people are already being more mindful of waste due to the environmental changes that have occurred in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He mentions how refreshing it is to witness a stronger sense of community come to life from such a crisis. Bryant is thankful to be part of a team that also embodies this sense of community and will continue to work towards developing a sustainable world.

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