#80 Sabrina Williams, CEO of SEED

Sabrina is CEO of SEED and, with a background in architecture, law and urban planning, she has almost 25 years of experience working with groups in 40 states as a community organizer and organizational development specialist. In 2000 she founded a non-profit that addressed sustainability and food security in low-income populations, while challenging ordinances and public housing policies that restricted home gardening and urban farming. She organized “SEED Farming, Food Access & Entrepreneurship” workshops to support urban farming and community food systems in South Los Angeles and Cuba, before founding SEED in 2019.

Sabrina has been a professor at both California State University at Northridge and the University of Southern California focusing on city growth and food security. Her super powers are perfect pie crusts and ice cream wizardry.


SEED is a registered benefit corporation offering the SEED“farm in a box” automatic irrigation and soil health kit. The solar-powered, Bluetooth enabled kit offers IKEA-like functionality and a comprehensive app so users can monitor and manage their plants from anywhere.SEED is a sustainable option for consumers who want to raise their own produce, while impacting climate change, reducing food insecurity and promoting entrepreneurship in developing communities around the world. Under a one-for one sales mandate, for each kit sold one is provided to a low-income farmer.

Currently 1 in every 9 people is food insecure worldwide, and by 2050, we must feed 9 billion people and cut greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production. Reducing the influences of climate change on food security calls for investment in innovation toward a more resilient, sustainable “climate-smart food system”in all communities.


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