#51 Chris Ripley, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Smarter Sorting

A true visionary, Chris’ passion is driven by an obsession with problem solving, and deep seated frustration with the every-day waste and inefficiency that characterizes modern business and consumer lifestyles.  Having spent his career listening to magical solutions that might solve problems “later,” you could say that Chris is a visionary with no time for vision, instead choosing to focus his life and his career on the unlimited number of problems that can be solved right now.

His passion is undergirded by decades experience manufacturing paint, building technology and running data analytics firms. It’s this unique knowledge set, ranging from the chemical to the regulatory to the technical, that allows Chris to see opportunities and imagine solutions invisible to many in the world of waste and recycling.

When not obsessing over work, you’ll find Chris swimming or fishing in, near or on water.


Raj Daniels

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