#47 Jessica Marschall Co-President and CEO, The Green Mission

Jessica I. Marschall, Co-President and CEO/CFO, has a Masters in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and an undergrad from the University of Virginia. She has been a practicing CPA for 18 years and also runs a small accounting and tax practice. Her background includes public accounting consultancy and internal auditing. Jessica currently works as an adjunct professor in tax and accounting, volunteers in local community groups, and sits on the Board of two not-for-profit organizations. Her greatest accomplishment is being a mother to five children and a wife of 20 years. Jessica ensures proper research of IRS codifications and relevant case law as well as conferencing with other personal property appraisers and industry leaders to ensure the mission of waste diversion shared by nonprofits, government entities, deconstruction contractors, and individual and corporate donors can be realized with utmost attention to detail from a tax standpoint.


Raj Daniels

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