#25 Korina Smith Founder at The Conscious Citizen Effect

Korina has over 20 years of experience leading teams on humanitarian missions to deliver humanitarian aid and facilitate sustainable projects in villages, relief camps, and orphanages around the world.  She has lived abroad and loves to travel internationally.  She considers herself to be a global citizen and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and (used to speak) French.

Korina has served as a public speaker in various capacities, including as an advocate for education. She spent the last several years as an Executive Director for an international trade network and a community service and advocacy non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas.  She now serves as a consultant to nonprofits and social impact organizations with Greater Society Consulting.

Korina recently launched a website, called “The Conscious Citizen Effect”, designed to help us all learn to make more conscious consumer choices and everyday habits that are kinder our planet, animals and our local and global communities.  


Raj Daniels

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