Employee Spotlight – John Hoppe IV

John Hoppe IV is a senior project manager in Greenville, SC.  He attended Clemson University where he majored in Civil Engineering. He quickly became fascinated with the structural design aspect of engineering and, although he had little interaction with engineers previously, he decided to follow this newfound interest. After college, John began working for a large company doing structural design work for heavy industrial projects. He spent a few years in this entry level role before his adventurous spirit took charge. John and his wife, Kristen, made the decision to move to Colorado and explore life together as the newly established Hoppe family. While in Colorado, they took advantage of their surroundings by spending time snowboarding, mountain biking, camping and exploring the great outdoors. Although their new city was a sea of the unknown for the Hoppe’s, John was able to find a job working for a much smaller company which allowed him to take more ownership in projects and learn to fulfill different roles as needed. This position gave him a sense of responsibility that molded him into a more experienced and knowledgeable engineer and team player. After being there for two years, John was given the opportunity to move back closer home and work with his previous larger-scaled company. He describes the second experience here as being much different than the first. This time around he was ready to handle more by utilizing skills he learned with his smaller firm in Colorado. Although he was able to work on much larger projects here and enjoyed the role he was in, he grew to miss some of the small company aspects. When he was introduced to Nexus PMG, he was eager to come aboard and once again become part of a smaller, but growing team with a common goal.

In his role at Nexus PMG, John enjoys leading a team and driving projects forward. Being able to communicate with all positions and engage with folks who aren’t necessarily in the office has given him exposure to areas of the project that typically he would not get to interact with. This allows him to see moving parts within a project that come together to make a whole. He explains that project engineering rather than structural engineering means being involved with the whole process from beginning to end. It is truly a package deal. He admits that wearing too many hats can be a stressor for others, but John describes this aspect as the most thrilling part of his learning. In fact, before John even made it to his first day in the Nexus PMG offices, there was a fire-drill situation in his new project that required him to jump in headfirst and start working on a solution.  Although the call to action was quick and he knew little about the project beforehand, he found value in all that he learned. Through being presented with a challenge, John finds reward in collaborating with a team to execute a solution. He says, “There is so much communication involved, you quickly realize you are not able to accomplish the job alone.” He explains that working with a team is ingrained in who he is and being able to utilize that skill within his career is exceptionally fulfilling.

John is especially appreciative of the work/life balance that Nexus PMG has offered him, Kristen, and their now two-year-old daughter, Adele. He says, “The culture and environment that we have consists of a team that is very family focused and family friendly. It encourages us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” John looks forward to helping the team establish itself as the go-to, full-service solution for projects and continuing to push towards building a better world.

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